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Thread: 1600Mhz memory on an Asrock G41M-S3 motherboard?

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    Default 1600Mhz memory on an Asrock G41M-S3 motherboard?

    I already have a 1333mhz memory module on my motherboard and i accidentally bought an extra 1600mhz memory module.
    The problem right now is that my computer doesn't recognize the 1600mhz module. Do i have to go back to the store to switch or is there another posibility to let the 1600mhz memory module work?

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    Default Re: 1600Mhz memory on an Asrock G41M-S3 motherboard?

    The odds of the 1600 running alongside the 1333 in tandem is practically nil/zero. Mis-matched.

    That and I don't believe the G41 was 1600 "ready'. Though, if the 1600 has SPD timings for 1333 it might work in single mode.
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