Hi got this board today & having some weird problems, I have several hard drives with windows on or other crap (win 7 & win 8). However I can only get the bios to pick up the same drive every time, it has a win 7 image on that has always worked on other systems however once Windows loads it runs like a dog then will BSOD about 3 minutes later. If I have multiple HD connected the bios only picks up the same one HD all the time, if I dont have that particular drive hooked up then when I boot the bios screen just loads because it cant find a bootable device I have tried different PSU's, sata cables, with my GPU's, without GPU's, clearing cmos, updating bios (currently at the beta version).

Tearing my hair out, thinking it must be a faulty board but it is such a weird problem. please help me before I smash something :(