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Thread: Problem with ram...

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    Default Problem with ram...

    Hello guys i have this mobo Asrock ALIVENF6G-VSTA. ... ENF6G-VSTA

    I ve got problems with ram.
    Right now i have in my mobo 1gb ram in first slot and 2gb ram in thrid slot.
    I ve just got 2 rams each 1gb ram.

    So in tottal i have 1x 2gb ram
    3x 1gb ram ,,, two of them are same so i thought perfect for dual channel
    all of them ofcourse are 800mhz and ddr 2

    Btw i ve got newest bios 2.26

    I was trying 3 hourse for some combination on which would work to have all 5gb ram in pc. But i wasnt succesfull. It seems that only slots that are working are 1. and 3.
    Because i wanst able to run any memory on any different slots other thant 1. and 3.

    Even the two same 1gb memory doestn work in slot 1. and 2. or 2. and 4. or 3. and 4. they only working on slots 1. and 3.

    BTW before i changed cpu slot 4. was working so i dont think there is some issue with slots rather than bios etc...

    What i should do ? I ve read something that maybe if i reset bios it would help.
    Or maybe if i change something in bios or something please help me.
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    Default Re: Problem with ram...

    I would start by clearing the BIOS and begin from there. But don't get your hopes up that what you're planning will work. Mixing memory usually fails.
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    Default Re: Problem with ram...

    What do you mean by clearing the BIOS ? Take out cmos battery ?

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    Default Re: Problem with ram...

    You need to find the CMOS header on your board. It has a cap or jumper that connects two of the pins on the header. The normal position of the jumper is on pins one and two. To clear the CMOS, the jumper is moved to pins two and three for a few minutes. Removing the battery with the jumper moved will clear all the CMOS data, like the date and time. Put the jumper back on pins one and two for normal operation.

    Check your board's manual for the location and instructions on clearing the CMOS.

    If you changed the CPU, which you just mentioned at the end of your post, you MUST clear the CMOS!

    But as wardog said, mixing different memory might not work. Your DDR2 memory has a little better chance of working than DDR3, but no guarantee.

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    Default Re: Problem with ram...

    Doesnt work anyway i pull out battery also cmos jumper and stiill the same it seems that only really 1 and 3 slots are working.

    Funny thing i call my cousin he has newer pc i told him that if he tries to change ram to differnet slots he has it also in slots 1. and 3. and he said it also didnt work if he put it different that slot 1. 3.. WTF ? :D

    btw the ram s names
    2x 1gb a-data

    this is writen on them
    a-data M2OAD9G31470INE58
    S/N 742TU (ADQVD1A16)

    second side of ram

    DDR 800 +(4) 1gx16
    CL: 4-4-412 2T
    voltage 2.0~2.1v

    1x apacer this seem dead because i try only this ram put first in every single slot nothing happend not even post

    P/N 78.01g9I.9k4 this is writen on her
    S/N 20074201919
    1gb unb PC2-6400 cl5

    tomorow i will upgrade it on that 2gb ram.

    for previos posts
    btw no sure if i mentioned but by dont work i meant that not even post will apear nothing only fans are going, and black screen appear
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