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Thread: Temperature problems ASRock Vision 3D

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    Default Temperature problems ASRock Vision 3D

    Hi all,

    I'm experiencing some problems with my AS Rock Vision 3D machine.
    In my opinion is gets way too hot, the CPU temp according to OC tuner is about 80 degrees (case also feels quite hot)
    The load is not very heavy, just Windows 7 ultimate and XBMC

    Got some good tips from : Asrock visionx gets very hot but unfortunately not with good results.

    Things i've done to improve temp
    - Raised the machine and inch from desk to improve airflow.
    - Installed all drivers via CD rom supplied with machine
    - Set fanspeed to full in BIOS

    I'm no IT pro but it looks like AS rock machines are overclocked by default? (CPU ratio?)
    Is it possible to tune it down a bit? as I do not need a very fast machine just for XBMC and Win7

    If yes, can you explain how to do this?


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    Default Re: Temperature problems ASRock Vision 3D

    Is that 80c while at idle? I'll skip asking the is it clean and has good airflow q's, but can you verify the coolers fan is spinning?

    What model of Vision 3D do you have?
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    Default Re: Temperature problems ASRock Vision 3D

    The processors used in the Vision 3D series PCs are all Intel mobile/laptop processors, that cannot be over clocked at all. There is no automatic OC on those CPUs.

    You may be able to "turn it down a bit" as you said, but I need to check the manual for the BIOS settings. I hope they have the CPU power saving options enabled by default, a must for mobile processors that are still using a laptop style CPU cooler in those PCs.

    Yes, we need to know what model you have and if you've added any drives to it, etc.

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