Hi all.

I am wanting to know if it is possible for me to build a reliable Dual-purpose PC?

It would be 2 "loops". 1, a DAW for my music, and the other for Video Editing to make my own DVD's.

I was thinking it'd be very practical to be able to use 1 Liquid Cooled CPU/MoBo & Graphics between 2 storage loops each with an OS installed. Have a different profile setup for each OS/Loop.
The DAW loop would utilize the CPUs on-board graphics to save on power, would be at stock Clock Speed or OC'd a little with all the Fans at lower speed for quieter operation. Whilst the Video Production Station would use the badass Graphics card and be OC'd higher with the Fans all up.

Would this be do-able in a Mid Tower Gaming Case? I'm looking at either the CM Storm Enforcer or NZXT Phantom 410 (I really like the Gunmetal look).

Thanks everyone.