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Thread: temperature question (PCH and GMCH)

  1. Default temperature question (PCH and GMCH)

    where are these located at on the H55M-UD2H.the PCH is on the board right?
    its the platform controller hub,correct?but im confused as to what the GMCH is.
    i use an airconditioner blowing directly into the case but still PCH and GMCH
    always report temps of 58c-60c no matter what.thanks for any help with this

    INTEL i3-530
    G.Skill Ripjaws ddr3-1600 cl8

  2. Default Re: temperature question (PCH and GMCH)

    GMCH stands for graphics and memory controller hub. The memory controller and the graphics chip of the 32nm Clarkdale CPUs are not on the CPU die but on a seperate 45nm which is why you see a second temperature.

    The GMCH temperature reading may simply be inaccurate. The temperature diode in there is not made to give you a temperature reading but mainly as a way for the chip to know when it gets too hot, i.e. above 100+C.

  3. Default Re: temperature question (PCH and GMCH)

    thanks for the info.still its strange that i can get my cpu temp down to 2c-4c and the gmch and pch stay at 57c 60c.oh well i'll stop worrying about it,thanks
    INTEL i3-530
    G.Skill Ripjaws ddr3-1600 cl8

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