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Thread: Intel HD 4000 graphics wont work on Asrock Extreme6

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    Default Intel HD 4000 graphics wont work on Asrock Extreme6

    HI I have re-set my computer up with a new Mobo previously I had an Asus now I have a Asrock extreme 6 with the Intel I5 3570K processor and 2 MSI 7870 cards in crossfire config and I cant get the Intel HD 4000 graphics to work even though I have enabled them in the Bios and updated the bios to the latest version which is 2.80 previously it was 2.60 and it didn't work then either. It has worked prior to me installing a discrete GPU and initially I only installed one card rather than crossfire. I have also connected a monitor through the DVI socket on the mobo as well as a HD for the main monitor through the discrete GPU. I didnt have a problem with the ASUS with all the same components once I worked out the Bios, but i am having no such luck with this any ideas? Its on a W7 64 install but this isnt particulary relevent as it doesnt get past boot up if I enable the internal graphics anyway, it just keeps on rebooting. The reason I want to get it working is I prefer one monitor on that output and I can use Lucid Virtu MVP any ideas?

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    Default Re: Intel HD 4000 graphics wont work on Asrock Extreme6

    Did you do a fresh install of the OS and all required drivers when/after you installed the new motherboard?
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