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Thread: Windows XP: Long delay during boot

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    When I boot up Win XP, there is a very long delay of nearly 2 minutes in the middle of the boot and then it loads and runs fine. I turned off the splash screen and it occurs at the point where it displays the Windows XP version being loaded. Any pointers? Thx.

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    Well, maybe it's a hardware detection problems. Try to check ur IDEs are in good condition or not (sometimes an minor damaged IDE may still acting normal.

    IDE device initialising error may delay the boot-up process (experience before with prob. IDE attached with CD-ROM....takes about minutes to boot into windows)

    If no any hardware errors, it's may coz by loading anti-virus software which will scan ur system and slowed down ur boot processes.

    Could U point out the prob. more detail, do U reinstall the windows and the prob. still exist ?

    Or u may try boot-vis from microsoft downloadcentre
    this tools enable U to observer every booting processes and it can help U to optimize ur boot up speed (I tried and it's works !)
    40seconds to 49seconds for booting into windows and become idle (my records).

    Use some registry cleaning software. This will help U to clean rubbish registries.

    I've this prob.t before. I hope this could help U ! :wave:

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    Thanks for the advice. In fact, it looks like an IDE problem. The delay occurs when I connect a Shuttle 10X dvd-rom on the secondary IDE channel. There is no other drive on that channel. The delay is 2 minutes when I jumper the drive into either Master or Cable Select mode. The delay is shorter when I use the Slave mode. When the drive is removed, bootup is normal.

    I have a Maxtor 80 Gb 7200 rpm and a Seagate Barracude IV 80Gb in master/slave configuration on the primary IDE channel.


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    It sounds like XP isn't to sure on which driver to use with that drive so check with the manufacturer of the drive to see if they have updated drivers or firmware for it. ;)

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    Well, Wiggo is right. U should check and update firmwire for ur DVD-ROM. U should contact ur manufacturer technician for further technical information about this issues


    Try change a new IDE to confirm it's not a damaged IDE issue.

    A damaged IDE may sending corrupted initialising info. to ur MoBo and winXP during boot up.

    The corrupted info. cause ur winXP fail to recognize ur DVD-ROM and take times to attach a best driver for it to use in windows.

    As I mentioned before, a minor damaged IDE may still acting normal in Bios and in windows but they send corrupted data to ur MoBO randomly and U may not recognize it !

    !!!WARNING !!! if ur IDE is damaged , change it A.S.A.P coz it'll may damage both ur MoBo and devices attached to it !!!

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    Thanks for the all the advice. The firmware is not the latest and I will be updating it asap.

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    I had the same problem with the booting delay. The reason was the CD-ROM. It was set single on the IDE as Secondary Slave. I solved the problem by changing the position, as Secondary Master. Now there is no gap on booting.

    Wish you the best.

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    I had the exact same problem. Changed my CD-ROM drive to master instead of slave and my Windows XP is now booting very fast. Before it had a 40 sec. delay durring process.

    Thanks again!

    Kind regards

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    Could an IDE problem also fuel the problem for long shut downs? I wait about 5 or so minutes for my computer to shut down. Although it happens on both of my computers so I'm not sure if it's something on the network. I know it's not software because I just did a re-install with x64 and I know the other computer's in our house don't take quite as long. When my friend brings his comp up to my house it doesn't take as long to shut down even when it's on the same network on the same switch. Any reasons windows takes forever and a half to shut down? Maybe I should make a new post with that label to get more attention. But I really don't mind much.

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