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Thread: oddity

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    my computer recently turns it se;f on after i power it down.i am very sure it os power down all the way because i can hear the piower supply turn off and the screen go black. then after 5 or so minutes it turns it self back on. what is happening here and how can i fix it so it stay off when i want it off

    i dun use any of those laptop or remote access things
    my rig
    Pentium 4 2400 @ 2.4
    1gb ddr PC2700
    2 x 120 gb + 80 gb
    Creative Audigy
    MSI GeForce4 Ti4600

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    Haaaa, I did that to an ASUS board a while back. It pissed me off pretty bad.
    I finally called ASUS for the 1st time and they said something had blown on the board that would prevent it from fully shutting down in one of the chipsets. I had to manually hold down the power button for a 4 sec. shutdown.
    I returned it and they gave me a new one, at my local pc store where I had bought.

    Hopefully you didn't do that and somebody had a suggestion.


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    i would check the power button to see if it is stuck. then check the reset.
    Hope this helps

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