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Thread: which is better the viewsonic g810 or e220

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    i will be buying a new monitor soon and i would like it to be a 21"er

    i have looked at the viewsonic g810 and the e220 but which one is better?

    also does anyone know where to get good 21" monitors for good prices?

    as a side note im not very picky about what the refresh rate is because apperantly i can not tell the difference between 60hz on up. so 21" with a minimum of 60hz at long as its = 21", 20" viewable, .25dot pitch, can do 1600x1400 with 60+hz im fine

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    If i remember correctly the g series is for graphics use, as in multimedia and the e series is their economy line. So I would go with the g* monitor if you are very picky about visual quality. However, i use a Viewsonic E70 and I have been very satisfied with it.
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    i know the g810 uses shadowmask which most people say 'it makes a monitor suckify' but you have a E series and i think they use perfectflat or something tube. the e220 was my first choice and i'll prob stick with it but the g810 also looks good, too bad no site has any good customer ratings. i just wish the p815's didnt go out of stock :(

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