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Thread: Best components to upgrade?

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    My PC

    P4 1.5
    384 RD ram
    GeForce 3

    At the moment Ive got some money I saved aside from my last job, about 500 squid. So I was thinking of spending some of it on beefing up my pc a bit. The ram to me seems to be ok but maybe I could do with some more, Idunno. Graphic card obviously needs replacing so I was thinking about a radeon 9600 pro? my monitor only goes upto 1200x so the 9800 would probably be a waste of money. also I was thinking of buying a new processor....

    What do you guys recommend? is it even worth upgrading or should I wait till next year: save up a bit more and buy a new pc alltogether?

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    I'd wait a bit longer and save up a bit more cash to build a complete new system m8 as what ya have now is fairly dated (it's likely ya have a socket 423 CPU there). : peace2:

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    As long as you get decent components, they'll go over to a new machine if you decide to go that route.

    As to your upgrades, the video board is a logical place to start. Since you have an RDRAM based motherboard, you're gonna be stuck with that type of memory until you replace it (DDR is better in the long run). Before you buy a new processor, double check the specs of your current motherboard to see what it can handle. A shiny new 3.0GHz processor will be nice, but utterly useless if your mainboard can't handle it.

    Good luck. :D
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