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Thread: Laptop question..

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    I have a HP laptop (AMD1800+) and theoretically it should be running about 1.5Ghz or so? According to the system properties its only going 670mhz. Is this normal with laptops? Is there a way to speed it up a bit?

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    check the bios, the fsb may have been reset at 100 mhz instead of 133
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    hey everyone I am a new user and I have a question like the other dude with the laptop my cpu is the amd athon 2500+ proccessor and I am only running at about 615mhz can you explain step by step how to make it run faster for use stupid people thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by minibubba
    check the bios, the fsb may have been reset at 100 mhz instead of 133

    OK the bios that I can access doesnt have the FSB choices on it. Its a HP ze4315us if that helps. The HP/Compac site is no help whatsoever.

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    I think it only goes full-speed if you use a CPU-intensive programs. It's called "speed-step" technology, but I thought it was only for Intel?
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    Yes AMD have a similar technology also (though I can't think of it off hand though atm) plus whether bein' on mains or battery power makes a difference too.

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