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Thread: suckity suck

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    i have an athlon xp 2400, with 1gb pc 2700, verto 128mb 5200 ultra, 80gb (7200rpm) seagate, with my fsb set at 133. i play halo and it sucks when the action starts. i have all graphics on low, 800x600, and no special video traits on. my brother can play it fine on his laptop, he has a 1.7 pentium with a 64mb geforce 4. i only have about 6 games on mine. i partition my drive. other games seem to run fine with graphics up. all have all updated software. i can't run fsb any faster b/c processor doesn't like it. does anybody have any tips to go faster or to fix the halo problem.

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    Maybe giving all your exact spects would hep but i think your 5200 is the problem, it not a very powerful card, it is the baseline of the FX series. Halo is known to be very power hungry, maybe the GF4 of the laptop is a TI model, making it many times faster than your card!!!Another thing... you said that the processor doesn't like higher fsb.. this is really weird! Again Your system spects would be very useful to help you find the fsb problem. For your system spects you can use Dr.Hardware .
    Hope this will help!
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    Mobile GF4 processors are of the MX family and are the same speed as his FX5200.

    Try the 52.16 drivers.

    FYI most of the people reporting problems runnnig this game use AMD processors so there may be a trend there.

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    Yeah i had a couple of problems with halo until i updated the drivers on my G4 Ti. But it sure is power hungry that halo (well worth it though) No real problems from slow down with my AMD though, infact all my flatmates have halo and have AMDs, from xp1800 upwards however we all have good graphic cards so that could be where your going wrong like syxsaid ;)
    ta ta

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