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Thread: random reboots?

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    very odd

    new psu, Tt butterfly 480, black, with the stupid ever-changing LEDs - as reccomended in another part of the forum
    "new" board i was sent back to me, so sez chaintec - apparently the last one had a BIOS problem caused from a power spike or something, they say this one is fully updated
    same cpu, turns out it's fine
    ram is good and plenty of it - */*
    r use it all

    no bsod, nothing in event viewer,
    no unknown devices,
    all drivers updated, all OS files updated
    bios is set to shutdown the pc at 90^C, and temps don't go past 40^C - i check as soon as it gets to POST after a random reboot, so i know that's not it not to mention mobo monitor says it's fine
    no viruses
    no trojans
    no new apps running, same 'ol crap

    pc's been running fine for about 2 weeks, playing games and sucking 100% cpu for hours on end (and driving temps to about 60^C :!: )

    the 1st random reboot was while i was burning a cdr, browsing some pages, and listening to a mp3
    now it's happening at ANY time, while drawing power for multiple devices or not
    last one while i was just reading a page, wasn't really doing anything at all

    i'm out of ideas...

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    Full system specs may help diagnose your problems.

    Also, paste a screen shot of running processes. That part about 100% CPU usage has me concerned
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    I have had a few customer's machines that needed to be reformatted after windows got corruped from repeated faulty psu/ram crashing problems. After replacing the psu/ram, windows was just screwed and did what you describe. I don't know your history of how/why you have a new psu, or if thats what screwed your mobo or not, but if it screwed the mobo then it could just as easily mess up windows.
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