I had a generic psu on my ga-7n400-L mobo tell i got my ga-7nnxp back and i bought a 420 thermaltake psu and i find my +5 at 4.27 when i check it with speedfan or everest but when i check it with gigabyte utilities and my bios both read 5.085 which should i believe.Th o never renistalled xp when i changed my motherboards.

Thermaltake 420 watt purpower psu.
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[email protected]/342
gigabyte ga-7nnxp
1 gig pc3200 ram
Thermaltake Vm3000 skull case
1x120mm fan 5x80mm fans
thermaltake Volcano 12 hsf
30 gig hd
1 floppy
1 cdrw
1 dvd rom
Couple other pci slot cards