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Thread: IRQ's all the same???

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    Default IRQ's all the same???

    hi i have a sy-k7vempro with an amd duron 1.2ghz, 384mb ram, sb audigy, geforce fx 5200 128mb pci, 500w power supply.

    my comp crashes a few minutes into, if that long extensive games. warcraft 3 crashes before i can even join a game. i have scowered the internet and tried many things. everything is updated. 9c direct x. i have noticed that everything on my pci bus shares the same irq. irq 7 for the sound card, graphics card, ethernet card. i have tried to find and figure out how to change these irqs but to no avail. is this abnormal for all my pci slots to be same irq. could this be my problem. how can i force them to be different. thanks for the help in advance. my comp hasnt been able to run a decent game that it meets the qequirments for since i bought it.

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    This is how you used to be able to modify your system resources. I did this in Windows 2000 Professional but I wasn't able to change the settings. More on that later if this isn't the problem.

    Right Click your My Computer icon and select Properties. Click on the Hardware tab and then click the Device Manager button in the Device Manger box about halfway down. Click on a category and select a device. Right click on the device, and select Properties. Click on the Resources tab and uncheck Use Automatic Settings. You should be able to modify your resources.

    If you get to the Resources tab and everything is grayed out, the problem could be with your Operating System. If you are running Windows 2000, or Windows XP, your box might be set up to do IRQ sharing. IRQ sharing is supposed to be a feature of Win2k and WinXP.

    Microsoft's IRQ sharing article for Win2k:

    What it basically says is that this part of Plug and Play is supposed to be good for your system performance but, if you run either Win2k, your motherboard is ACPI compliant (a quick online search says your motherboard is), you performed a standard installation of either, and you can't modify your IRQ settings, the only way to be able to do so is to reinstall your OS and specify a standard Hardware Abstraction Layer. There's a link at the bottom of the article which has instructions on doing that. The article describing IRQ sharing for Windows XP is almost exactly the same. According to Microsoft, once you select a standard HAL, Windows will recognize whatever IRQ settings are in your BIOS.

    Good luck.

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