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Thread: Turn on PSU without a mobo?

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    Default Turn on PSU without a mobo?

    I was wondering if theres any risk with plugging in and turning on your PSU with out it hooked up to a mobo. My mobo is coming in a week but I wanted to test/playaround with fans I have. The PSU I have is the thermaltake butterfly 480w. Thanks

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    Default Re: Turn on PSU without a mobo?

    You will need to bridge the pins 14 and 15 of the mainboard power connector with a piece of wire to get the PSU to turn on.
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    Default Re: Turn on PSU without a mobo?

    Just ground the green pin with any of the black pins in the picture above, as wayout said
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    Default Re: Turn on PSU without a mobo?

    I want to turn on a secondary PSU to power my x1600pro as my on board PSU isn't big enough. It is a Shuttle XPC so putting in a larger PSU is not an option. So could I splice in a take-off from the mainboard connector (pins 14 and 15) to trigger the second PSU to turn on when the shuttle does? If not, how can I go about doing what I want to do?

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    Default Re: Turn on PSU without a mobo?

    I think you could do it, but there might be issues.
    I think I have a trigger plan to hook up the power button to the PSU but I am too lazy to draw one.

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