Can anyone tell me if they have used or know anything about this new Test Bed that was advertised in some of the Forum pages recently, but I haven't seen it pop up lately? I think its called Test Station?

I am usually troubshooting my customers hard drives and /or hardware for defects , burnouts, etc and I had taken an old tower and used it , but its like working inside a sardine can. I saw this system offered and it looked good at the time, but I never purchased it

One of the biggest problems I had was that I built the test bed using left over, stray parts that customers never picked up, etc, and i made it dual boot 98/xp. I bought all round cables and left one hanging out thru a laser cut slot in the side of the case to attach HD'S to as a slave and I put about 30 programs (diagnostic) on both partitions, thinking this was the way to do my testing, but not only was it confining, but it seems I had problems from the start, not recognizing HD'S, freezing up when I put a bad slave on to test , etc, and I thought that the whole reason for the slave cable on a SEPARATE port was that it would not affect my operating systems or change any settings or try to install any drivers, but it seems like I constantly was resetting things

Is it possible that I missed something, in that it can't be done this way all the time, or maybe it was due to the drives being TOO new for the older mobo?

I need answers from anyone who might have experienced these problems and/or has advice on building a GOOD test bed, mostly to diagnose bad drives, but also to do other hardware, without affecting the info on the dual boot TEST drive