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Thread: Voltage Values not matching

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    Default Voltage Values not matching

    Hey all, long time no post.

    I've been having some 'lag' issues with this computer lately... errr I thought it was lag over my wireless... but I'm hardwired now and still experiencing it. Anyway, I'm just kinda going thru everything and with Everest HE, I found a few voltage values that were off. The 2 in question are

    +3.3 v stable at 2.95
    -5 V stable at -3.30

    Would these values cause system instablity? Especially while playing a game? And, if so I would assume power supply, possibly motherboard?

    Now my CMOS battery is dead, but I don't think this should cause anything, but I'll let you guys tell me.

    Thanks for the help guys.
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    Default Re: Voltage Values not matching

    The CMOS battery will change your settings in BIOS back to safe ones if you had any special settings applied (ie: memory voltage).

    But yes those voltages don't look good (well outside the +/- 5% mark) though what did these read before instability (did you even check back then)?

    Another possible cause is that Windows has become unstable itself and needs a fresh install.

    Many other things can cause instability as well like a dust build up but I'll take it that you know about that already.

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    Default Re: Voltage Values not matching

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am on a fairly newer reinstall... about 3 months. I'm now experiencing some sound issues as well (sound cutting out, etc). I guess I'll try another total reinstall, with a new CMOS battery ;) and well, a total rebuild of the same components, reseating everything and making it dust free. If that doesn't cut it, guess it's time to start looking at new components :D (my wife's gonna hate me)

    EDIT: I did test the PS when I first got it (2 years now) and everything was almost perfect.
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