I plan to upgrade the video card later on (much later on after the hard disk and memory), so ill just spend all the money on a processor to avoid having to buy a new one so soon.

May I ask why you chose the FX5200
At the time i bought 5200 i was planning to buy a geforce 5600, unfortunately for me, i wasn't able to buy through the internet (I.E. i didn't have a credit card for being 17, now i am 19) and so i have to buy it on my country, the problem is that in my country electronics are sold at 4X the prices you can get in the most expensive stores in the United States (even though people on average gain like 4 times less), and since i was desperate (i had previously a geforce mx400) i bought the 5200 which was cheaper knowing (2.5X the price of the same product in USA) full well that i'll be forced to upgrade it in a relatively short term.
Also the main bottleneck for now is the very slow hard disks i have (at least they bottleneck while loading something for the first time after that it stays in the ram).