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Thread: CPU Spike

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    hi everyone
    Got a problem here I've never encountered before:
    I just bought a new HDD to put my Audio file on (I mainly use my PC for music)
    So know I've got three physical drive

    C:\ My System Drive with windows and all the audio software on it
    D:\ My audio file drive (the new one)
    E:\ Which contains all my samples and soundbk for sample based VST Instruments

    My motherboard is an Asus P4P800 with the latest BIOS (1019) with an Intel P4 2.8GHz packed with 1Gb of kingston RAM and running XP SP2

    C:\ is an old Maxtor 80Gb IDE
    D:\ a brand new Samsung Spin point 80 SP1614C 160Gb SATA which I choosed for the very low noise
    and E:\is some old IBM 120Gb IDE
    The new drive is recognised by the system and I format it in NTFS

    The problem is everytime I read some file from the new HDD I get some imortant CPU spike every 3 to 4 second which conduct to glitch and clicks in the audio if I try to read several files (like in a multitrack) It can even get the PC to freeze for a few second.

    I've tried it with several sequencer (Ableton Live 4, Cubase SX 2, Magix Samplitude 8.2 each with the latest update blablabla.) always the same result.
    If I put the file on the D drive no problems at all.

    I tried to plug the drive on the other SATA port of the Mobo same result.

    I'm quit desperate because the whole system was running flawlessly for almost two years. To me the pb comes from the samsung drive but before returning it I want to be sure that it's really a hardware issu and not some silly configuration mistake.

    If any of you guys has ay idea it'd be welcome.

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    Default Re: CPU Spike

    Letting us know the rest of your hardware details would hlp. ;)

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