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Thread: Barebones w/ new psu and vga

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    Default Barebones w/ new psu and vga

    Hey everyone, I haven't been around lately due to work and more classes, but I have a question about a barebones system that I might be getting for a friend. I have a XFX 6800GT with an NVsilencer Rev. 2 and an Aspire 500W psu. Will I be able to fit them in there? The Nvsilencer is gigantic and I don't know if barebones uses proprietary psu's. This is the one I would consider

    I'm not sure if it would fit 2 to 3 hdd's either.

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    Default Re: Barebones w/ new psu and vga

    First off, "Barebones" is not a brand but a type of package deal. In this case it comes with the case, a 240w PSU and and mainboard. It is a Shuttle XPC enclosure, which is their SFF (Small Form Factor) series that has become popular with some.

    As to the issue of the Aspire PSU, it is unlikely to work since the small form factor of the enclosure does not allow it to use a standard power supply. From the pictures, it looks to be a narrow model that fits along the right side rail.

    Concerning the NV Silencer, I won't say outright that it won't fit, but I'd be very surprised if it does. The main reason that folks look at this type of enclosure is due to the very small footprint. This also means that a lot of the larger components that enthusiasts love to play with won't work in a situation like this since the larger size just doesn't fit into the case.

    Probably 2 hard drives. They will be mounted along the top of the case under the top panel.
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