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Thread: Whats the best lightScribe burner?

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    Default Whats the best lightScribe burner?

    My wife wants one of these for her computer and I have no idea which is best. From doing the little bit of reading up on them that I just did, I came to the conclusion that some of them (maybe all) take a very long time to do the scribing (like 30 minutes if you add alot of detail).

    Here are my questions.

    (1). Are some faster than others at scribing?
    (2). Is the quality of the scribe better on some?
    (3). Can you scibe your own images from your harddrive or do you have to use what comes with the scibing software.
    (4). Are there any disadvantages using a lightscribe burner versus a standard burner?
    (5). I'm assuming you can use regular media in one but I thought I better ask just incase. The lightscribe disc seem to run about 150% more (guess-ta-mation only) than the regulars, so if its not versatile, I guess I'd wait.
    (6). Can anyone recommend one, a brand and model? If so why do you recommend it?
    (7). Where are the best review sites for these things?

    Update ----- I bought the HP 740 model, I think its HP's newest. I only tested one disc before I wrapped everything back up for an X-mas present. It took the whole 30 minutes to scribe the disc on best quality:(. I had a background and some pictures on it so maybe thats the reason why.

    THE BAD:

    The quality of the scribe was disappointing in my opinion. It's hard to read smaller lettering and everything is in greyscale:(. The software was set on BEST quality. I'd hate to see what the worst looks like :o.


    It'll scribe anything and it uses Surething labeler 4 to create the scribes, software she's already use to using:). Its as simple as making an ordinary lable.

    I picked the HP brand since they hold the lightscribe patent.

    MY ADVICE to anyone thinking about upgrading to a lightscribe drive is to stick with a sharpie, it'll be easier to read providing you have somewhat decent handwriting, and its a hell of a lot faster.
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    Default Re: Whats the best lightScribe burner?

    That's what I had suspected.....thanks for that information. Now I'll probably take back my unopened LightScribe I/O Magic I just bought at Staples. I was keeping it for the LightScribe I'll probably wait for a better buy on one without LS. It cost $50 with rebates....the I/O Magic is a Benq 1625 I'm told. What about the cost guys, can I beat that....considering I won't use the LS?

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