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Thread: How much power?

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    Default How much power?

    I'm putting together a pc for the first time I want to get the geforce(xfx)7900GT
    I saw an antec case/power supply that I liked for 100 bones. Would 450watts do the trick?
    (I also have a P4-3.0 a gb of ram and a 250gb hard drive + I plan on getting a sound card for like $100 [if you know of one thats good for around that price i'll take any advice you have to offer]).

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    Default Re: How much power?

    Not even close. You'll need at least 500W from a reputable PSU company (e.g. Fortron, Antec).

    The X-Fi Xtreme Music 7.1 would be the best choice for a sound card in that price range. Creative is basically the only choice when it comes to sound cards. There are a couple competitors, but Creative has better quality in the long run.

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    Default Re: How much power?

    The Power supply in the Antec at 450 watts is good enough, I'd get it. I know of some people who've run 7800gtx's on a Antec 350 watt Power supply. But 450 is more than enough for a single card.

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    Default Re: How much power?

    as long as it has a high 12v rail ampage - more than 20a for example? i know you can get 500w supplies with only 17a on the 12v rail, which kinda sucks
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    Default Re: How much power?

    The 450 will work, but if you add much more in the future then you may have to uprade your PSU again, so get a 500W from a good company as Yawgm0th mentioned, a few others include: PC Power and Cooling(but expencive), OCZ, Antec, Fortron, and Enermax.

    Oh and about the X-fi..... Many NF2/3/4 users complain about cracking noises coming from their speakers, random lock-ups, and BSOD's. Other than that you should be ok.
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