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Thread: windows restarting

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    Default windows restarting

    ok. i have a serious problem that really has me stumped. i have wd 80gig hdd. that i had connected to a raid controller card. everything was fine.i had another 60 gb hdd that i tried to connect to the ide channel. when i did that everything locked up. so i removed that drive and tried connecting my 80 gb drive to the ide controller. and it started rebooting as soon as it gets to the windows xp logo. ao i out it back on the raid controller where it was, it still reboots. can anyone please help me. if i dont get this fixed im gonna have to get divorced.

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    I don't have the answer reguarding the PC problem. Just a suggestion from experience .... it would be cheaper to buy a new PC than get a divorce. LOL.

    Guessing that your problem with moving the operating system hard drive from the controller card to IDE may have caused a problem with the master boot record (MBR) file. Hopefully someone with experience with controller cards will read this and have some input.
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    There could be several reasons, but I agree with the previous post that your MBR may have changed. Put your system back to its original configuration and boot from your XP CD. Select Repair and go to the Control Console. Log in as Administrator. When you're logged in and back at the command prompt, run "fixboot" and "fixmbr". Remove the CD and restart your computer.

    Just as an aside, why were you running a single drive from the RAID controller?
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