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Thread: Overheating and BSOD!! HELP please

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    Default Overheating and BSOD!! HELP please

    Hello, my name is Scott Ryan. I have been having a lot of trouble with my computer so maybe you guys could help me

    out. Im not very good with computers to begin with, so make things as simple as possible please :( To start off, I loving

    playing video games... but while in a video game (Counter-Strike) my comp will get a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death?lol)

    every so often, ranging from as close as 2 minutes or 2 hours. I am sure my computer can run these games fine, so

    that isn't the problem. Sometimes, once I reboot from a BSOD...while on my desktop, I get another one, right of the

    bat. I have searched tons of forums and I have done a lot of research. During the BSOD, I get this error message

    ***Stop = 0x0000000A (0x32BA8B 0x00000002 0x00000000 0x0x804F5903)

    Here are my Computer specs:

    -Intel P4 2.4ghz processor
    -nVidia Geforce FX 5200 video card
    -1 gig of ram
    -120 gig hard drive

    I heard that overheating could also be a problem here! I checked my BIOS for my CPU temps.. this is what I come out


    POWER temp = 68C/154F
    SYSTEM temp = 47C
    CPU temp = between 70-80C

    I have checked plenty of times and these are the readings I come up with! NOT GOOD!

    ****I also did a memtest, in case it was my RAM causing these problems. I got ONE error. (Error copying between word pairs #32309577 and 32308728)****

    Someone please, I am in need of desperate help! Thanks for reading :(

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    Default Re: Overheating and BSOD!! HELP please

    Well for one, an FX5200 sucks for games, but that isn't the problem here. How long did you let Memtest run? You are getting ridiculously hot CPU temperature readings, and that is the problem. Assuming you have an OEM computer (Dell, HP, etc) You need to take the side off of your case and blow all the dust out of the heat sink on the CPU.

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    Default Re: Overheating and BSOD!! HELP please

    I have to do that a lot with my dell also! Try taping a swiffer or whatever cloth to the air intake, it blocks dust really well.
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    Default Re: Overheating and BSOD!! HELP please

    Normally that error code is the result of a bad driver/s but with your temps it's very likely that your PC needs the dust bunnies cleared out (throttling on P4 CPU's starts at 75C).

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    Default Re: Overheating and BSOD!! HELP please

    try keeping it clean like they said and maybe get some type of cooler so when it does get dusty it doesnt burn up as much but keep it clean.

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    Default Re: Overheating and BSOD!! HELP please

    Oh, man! Your CPU is way too hot.

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    Default Re: Overheating and BSOD!! HELP please

    if cleaning it out doesn't do it... how hot is the amebient temp in the room the PC is stored in? This is a rather hot time of year in quite a few places in the world

    after cleaning out the dust, you may need to pop off the side panel and have a box fan blow directly into the case if problems continue

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