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Thread: I need help please

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    Default I need help please

    A while back I downloaded a software to overclock my 2 Nvidia 7900GTX cards. I dont remember the name of this free download. Anyways, I only messed around with it for about 15 minutes. I then uninstalled it and left it as is. About a few days later, everytime I play a game (Oblivion and World of Warcraft). I start to get weird lines showing up in different places across my screen. Sometimes the colors bleed. Sometimes things get distorted. And in some situations...things on the screen will start to flash. This only happens when I play games. What do you guys think happened? Do you think I somehow scrwed up my cards with this overclock software I used? Like I said, I did only use it for a few minutes. But then I uninstalled it. I'm trying to figure out if this software screwed up my cards. Or perhaps it is somethign else. I have downloaded many drivers (old and new) to see if it woudl fix this problem. But it has not. I also formatted my computer and reinstalled everything. This did not help at all.

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    If everything is stock, i would reconmend checking your fan for dust and see if your video card is over heating.
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    Default Re: I need help please

    Well, if you used ATITOOL, that program will allow you to set damaging clocks. Rivatunre and Coolbits won't do this.

    The symptoms you describe should be 1 of 3 things. Overheating, undervolting and damaged memory. Try each card on their own first to see if the problem is with 1 card. Like Asianbatman says, clean the coolers on the video cards as well. Make syure you have good case airflow, and be sure your powersupply is up to it. As for damaged cards, you will definitely need to test each one separately to figure that out.
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    Default Re: I need help please

    My first question would be, have you reset your cards to stock timings?

    It sounds like artifacting due to heat from excessive overclocking to me.

    You say you played around with it but did you reset your core and memory clocks to their default speeds before uninstalling the software?

    I would say not. Best to get Riva Tuner or similar and reset your clocks to default then see if the problem persists, if it does then you'll need to look at different areas such as airflow etc.

    I bet once you reset to default clocks the problem will cease.

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