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Thread: How do I overClock my cpu

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    Unhappy How do I overClock my cpu

    I have a pretty crappy Dell its like 2.5GHZ but it just runs crapy can someone please explain to me how to over clock my system or anything good you can think of that would help me plzplz ty ty my email is [email protected] AIM:dojahK1NG or just reply a post i would really apreciate it thank you..

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    Default Re: How do I overClock my cpu

    Since it is a dell, i am sure that you have no overclocking features in your bios. The only other option would be software overclocking but that is highly unstable and can bring an end to your data.
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    First, you need to go back in IMMEDIATELY and edit out your email address. Never post your address in the public. Badguys troll these type forums looking for email addresses to sell to spammers.

    [rant-on] The way to overclock is to crank up the voltages on the motherboard, then stand back and watch your computer go up in smoke and void any warranties.

    NO ONE should be allowed to overclock unless they are experts at electronics cooling.

    Overclocking is a hobby - not something that should ever be attempted on a system where critical data that you cannot afford to lose if stored.

    Okay, I am not a fan of overclocking. As an electronics technician way before PCs were even invented, I think there is something wrong when motherboard and video card makers provide utilities to overclock, but do not cover ANY damage to RAM, video card, motherboard, or CPUs that are damaged by overclocking. [rant-off]

    The Oriental Caped Crusader is right about the Dells (and just about all other computers from the big makers). As I said above, overclocking is a hobby - hobbyist generally build their own toys.

    Generally, adding RAM offers the best bang for the buck when it comes to increasing performance. If you have less than 1Gb per core, then I recommend you add some. If you already have that much, then adding more will only provide minimal, if noticeable at all, gains.

    The next best way increase performance is to add a higher horsepower graphics card. This is especially true if you are using on-board graphics, which never have spectacular performance in the first place, but they hinder overall performance by robbing a large chunk of system RAM (up to 128Mb) to use as dedicated graphics RAM.

    Another sure cause of a PC running "crappy" is infestation of malware. You need to ensure your system is clean. I have a pretty good canned text for that if you do not have your own routine.

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    Well, if he does have a Dell 2400 (I highly suspect), then there is no way to put a decent video card in it. It only supports PCI - no AGP or PCI-E.

    Also, the mobo doesn't support more ram than 1gig. Anything more than that will cause the computer to run slower and choppier.

    I wish that I could just make a giant article from my experience modifying a 2400 because there are tons of people looking to modifying this thing. All the questions and answers are the same for this system.

    Overclocking is a common practice, but it can be beneficial in moderation. Manufacturers can not be held accountable when people overclock everything to the max and something fries. There is simply no way to protect against everything. It's like cars with manual transmissions - the manufacturers don't warranty against revving the engine past the redline blowing the engine. It's your duty to be cautious and use common sense.

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    Default Re: How do I overClock my cpu

    PorscheGuy997 and all the other people are right. I remember the first time I overclocked my pc I didnt know what to do but I finnaly got it to go from 2.2 to 2.3. I latter oced on my new pc and it was horrible I had lost all my data twice and I could of ruined my hd. So do alot of research first and also make sure you have money to pay for new parts if anything goes wrong. Also manufacturers disable lots of featurs in their bios.
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