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Thread: NewComputer, Expert Advice Needed

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    Default NewComputer, Expert Advice Needed

    I am trying to put together a few nice Comps for me and 2 friends. My technological
    intelligence is however outdated to say the least. So i was wondering if someone around these parts would have the heart and time to lend me a few mintus of their precious time and grace me with their insight. What im asking is basicly what parts should i get to build a decent gaming PC. Id like some nice stuff, but at a affordable price.

    Currently ive bought 3xAsus En8800gt Top cards so that takes care of the GPU

    Cpu Was thinking e6850 Core Duo, Maybe q6600? or Maybe AMD6400+?

    Mainboard Considering Asus P5N32-E SLI AiLifestyle Series but maybe there are
    some better cards for the same price or cheaper? Maybe x38?

    PSU I have no clue here TBH, been reading up on several reviews, and so
    far my conclusion is a OCZ GameXtream 600w should be able to run my
    rig even if i decide to slap another 8800gt in there (appearently they dont
    burn alot of power) but please correct me if im wrong

    Case A standard v54 turbine from Point of View

    Ram OCZ SLI-Ready Edition Dual Channel pc6400 cl5800mhz Or maybe the
    reaper edition of the pc6400 from ocz *CL4*

    Cooler Asus Silent Knight II

    Any in put would be greatly appreciated, as i am completely lost in all these new parts brands and names. I have a love for Asus products cause they have always worked for me in the past and to me equates quality. If this has changed the last couple of years, dont feel bad to burst my bubble.

    Thanks in advance.

    Yours sincerely
    Rune Hansen

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    Default Re: NewComputer, Expert Advice Needed

    Wether you get the dual core Intel or the Quad depends on your application preferences. Quad is mostly for video editing n stuff. Dual core is more suited for gaming.

    For the motherboard, IF you do want to put the cards in SLI you MUST buy a motherboard with an Nforce chipset which supports SLI, NO intel chipsets support SLI, only crossfire.

    If you are after an Nforcec chipset, try to get the latest 700 series SLI chipsets, e.g 780SLI.
    --- X38 only supports CrossFIRE

    Now the power supply must have atleast 2 PCI-e power connectors and spare molex connectors to convert them into a pci-e power connector. Id say the 600W would be enough, although if your going to do some overclocking i suggest you get a higher wattage power supply.

    I think everything else is fine, just make sure the cards will fit into the case... 8800GT's are very long

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    Default Re: NewComputer, Expert Advice Needed

    Stick with dual cores and spend the extra on getting a nice case or some extra bits and pieces. its like going to the supermarket and buying gum at the checkout, theres always something you will throw into the basket with the rational "oh im doing a big order anyway it will save on postage"... or maybe thats just me...


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