Hi there, Iīve thought about the idea of a noiseless high performance PC last time, when I have heard my fans for 3 hours. I know itīs very hard to realize a thing like that, but I think we can. I want to make my computer noiseless, but not for more than $340 (€245). Thatīs my configuration now: * CPU: Q6600 G0 * GPU: 8800GTS (512MB) G92 * RAM: DDR2-800 * Mainboard: EP35-DS4 * Case: NZXT LEXA (3x120, 1x80) * Powers.: Zalman ZM600-HP 600W * Fan-Controller : ZALMAN MFC-2 * HDD: WD 500GB (7200U/min) * CPU-Cooler: Scythe Andy Samurai Master I must say: Do it on your way! Everything is allowed: From Watercooling over Fanless desing or what ever. Best Greetings from Germany, badday