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Thread: What could cause my power supply to suddenly fail??

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    Default What could cause my power supply to suddenly fail??


    My Power supply wasn't used for a month because I had sent my motherboard out for Return merchandise authorisation. I got it back this week. I just connected the power supply to the motherboard and a few essentials. Motherboard worked fine. Notice no problems. Decided to put motherboard in case and put PC back together properly. Power supply has not worked at all since. No beeps or fans etc. The switch at the back still lights up blue when you plug in the power cable so it is seeing power from the mains. Af first I thought it was the power switch connector. I tried another(lesser) power supply and motherboard powered on.

    I am resigned to having to buy a new one at this stage but baffled as to why it would suddenly fail. I have only had it a few months. Hardly had any use at all as I have a had several problems with the motherboard (sent back twice).

    Has anyone got any ideas?? My power supply is SolyTech SL-8600EPS 600 Watt PSU
    More information on it can be found here.
    Much appreciated.

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    Default Re: What could cause my power supply to suddenly fail??

    Sounds like you either shorted it out, or there was a short somewhere in your case when you put it back together. I would hook it all up outside the case with only the CPU, RAM, GFX card and PSU on a cardboard box and see if it starts.

    If it does you know you had a short somewhere. Also before you do all this look each cable and your board over for burn marks

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    Default Re: What could cause my power supply to suddenly fail??

    Check the connections between the case and Motherboard, makesure you haven't crossed over 'PWS' power switch and RST reset switch. if all is fine then a simple test remove the 'PWS' lead from motherboard pins and then with PSU switched on, carefully shorten between the two PWS pins, a simple flick will be enough, you don't need to hold the gap closed. If system does boot, then the problem with the case power button.
    If system still fails to start
    Remove everything from the motherboard excluding the CPU and try re-booting the system; you should hear the BIOS bleeping madly. Now simple add components’ one at a time starting with memory each time re-booting the system,
    Some cases allow you to remove the 'backplate' the motherboard sits on; if you have make sure the screws which hold this to main casing are nice and tight.

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    Default Re: What could cause my power supply to suddenly fail??

    Some manufacturers have a habit of doing dry solder joints, it is possible that the wire has broken away from the pcb inside the psu, but i don't recommend delving inside a psu case unless you are handy with mains-voltage electronics, lots of big capacitors in there will give you a nasty bite.

    How long have you had the psu? is it possible to send it back for repair? never hurts to call in and find out.
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    Default Re: What could cause my power supply to suddenly fail??

    I think it may have shorted from the fix.

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