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Thread: overclock wall EVGA 8800gts 640mb

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    Default overclock wall EVGA 8800gts 640mb

    I've had my setup for over 8 months and i'm finally getting around to oc'ing it. I have the cpu at 3.3 G. currently, although I have not tested it yet. core volt is 1.35 and ddr2/ddr3 volt 2.14.

    onto my problem. My video card will not clock past 655 MHz. I used evga precision tool initial, and have been keeping the clocks at a 1:3 ratio while OC'ing. Basically I I started around 624/936 and would increase about 8 core clocks after each successful 3DMark pass. I have the shader slider locked to the core for my oc'ing and have not tested any clock individually. 3dmark is not the problem. I would run ati immediatly after each oc for a quick check, and over 655 i get Artifacts, but the slowest lowering of the clock and it's fine.

    No temp problems, I'm water cooled. I found a couple other posts around the net similar, but no real answers. Plenty of people have successfully passed 650 as well.

    Any help, insight, or obnonxious remarks would be appreciated. thanks

    forgot to mention I used RivaTuner as well with the same results.

    Anyone who's interested, I solved this one. It has to do with which revision the card is. Mine is an Rev. A2, I am basically maxing out OC capabilites with this card. I forgot to bookmark the site. With Rev. A3, I believe teh Core can reach around 575. Not sure of the first revisions settings. Without increase volt, that's it for OC.
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    Silverstone case, Q6600 cpu Seagate 300 GB sataII drive x 3, in RAID5. evga 8800gts 640mb gigabyte p35c-ds3r rev. 1.1 Toughpower 750W power supply microsoft mouse and gamepad Saitek keyboard vista home premium x64

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    Default Re: overclock wall EVGA 8800gts 640mb

    I'm glad you solved your problem

    it's never nice to put a sledge hammer through your money!!! :)

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