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Thread: problem with a new pc

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    Default problem with a new pc

    here is the actual pc setup :
    GB X48T-DQ6
    2x2GB KIT DDR3 Super T
    150GB WD,SATA2,VelociRaptor 10 000rpm, 16mb
    Video card:
    Asus 24'

    It worked fine for a couple of days and now whenever i run a new game(etc. something to load it fully, and i did try wth several new games like crisys , world in conflict , the witcher) it just powers off after a few seconds. I noticed some strange noise in the back near the power supply like tiny buzzing when the pc is turned off. When it loads windows the noise stays the same but when i run game the noise increases alot to the point where you can hear it among the noises of the video and power supply coolers and it powers off. I talked to a few friends of mine which deal with computer hardware and they said the power supply tiny noise was something normal and i'm not sure that noise from the power supply wasn't there before the pc started powering off itself. I did look at the temperatures in the bios and the cpu temp. is around 30 celsius and the system temp is about 45-48 celsius , which imo is quite a bit. However i am not sure how much it is supposed to be on the x48 chipset as it is 30 celsius on my old pc(3 yrs old). My bud told me that it is probably the chipset getting too high in temp. Also i noticed the video card is constantly quite hot...i can't measure it's temp as i don't really have the right termometer for this job.
    The problem is that when i take it tmr to the hardware store from which i bought the parts i need to tell them what is broken so hat they can replace it. They won't diagnose it for me.

    So there's 3 possibilities for me:
    1. power supply , but i don't know how to make sure
    2. system temperature 45-48 c , but i'm not sure if this is normal
    3. video card temperature, i get the feeling it is like 60-70 celsius inside.

    All ideas and tips are appreciated to help me diagnose what's wrong with it so that i can get that part replaced from the warranty.I don't think its software , because i haven't really installed anything new that could interfere and i did try with older versions of the video and mother board drivers. In one of my diagnosis tries i did manage to run crysis without the pc turning off and i decided to furthermore load it by running 3d mark full test for 15 minutes and it didn't power off. However after i closed 3d mark and crysis and then reopened crysis it did power off and it did it like 10 times in a row in my next tries.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Default Re: problem with a new pc

    i found out what's wrong with it after a series of tests and measures.
    it was the power supply. now it doesn't turn off itself , however the strange buzzing noise was coming from the video card which they changed as well as the power supply.

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    Default Re: problem with a new pc

    WOW, sorry I must have missed your post somehow. Glad to see you have solved this issue!

    If you do have any further issues with your board please make a post in the Gigabyte section so I for sure do not miss it. I do try to read all new posts each day when I get in, but sometimes I do miss one or two that are not in the Gigabyte section.

    Glad to hear you have fixed this for sure

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