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Thread: Building new Rig - spending E2000,-

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    Default Building new Rig - spending E2000,-

    Hey everyone, great forum, I'm new here and am about to get a new custom-built PC, my budget is E2000,- (euros) and I just wanted to get some opinions on this one cause it's a fairly large amount of money!

    Case: Coolermaster Cosmos S: 210,-
    Motherboard: EVGA nForce 780i: 250,-
    Processor: Intel Core2Quad Q9550: 340,-
    Graphics Card: EVGA GeForce GTX280 (Superclocked): 520,-
    Memory: 8gb OCZ Reaper PC6400 DDR2: 160,-
    Power Supply: Coolermaster 850watt (M850): 160,-
    CPU Cooling: Coolermaster V8 Cooler: E60,-
    Hard Drive: Samsung 750gb Spinpoint F1: 85,-
    CD/DVD Player: NEC AD7201S: 25,-
    Burner: LG BD-Rom/HDDVD-Rom/DVD-R/RW: 100,-

    My questions:
    I reckon 850watt be enough for 1 GTX280. But how about 2x GTX280 in SLI and eventually 3x?

    The v8 cooler seems like a nice one and the case also has room for plenty of fans, do you think that this system will be properly cooled?

    Should I really be getting the Superclocked version of GTX280 or should I get the original version for 20 euros less and try to overclock it myself?

    Should I be getting some other type of memory instead of the Reaper which is at PC6400? Will the motherboard be able to run higher numbers than just 6400?

    Should I also be getting a Raptor hard drive to run the OS and software? I heard it's better because it's at 10.000 RPM's. Is this the way to go or should I just stick with 750gb Spinpoint F1? Or both? And what is it with all the fuss about installing 2 hdd's in raid-0 or raid-1 to get an increase of speed? What the heck is a raid anyway.

    Last but not least, do you know of a better way to spend E2000,- on a custom-built PC? Have I made the right picks?

    I will be getting an HP w2448h 24inch screen next month, at around 400,- as well as a G15 keyboard and G5 mouse. Will this screen look good with the GTX280 or should I be looking into something else?
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