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Thread: question about amps off a 12v-rail.

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    Question question about amps off a 12v-rail.

    Hi All,

    Im in the process of building my first Gaming-rig,, and I have a question
    about the power needed for my card;

    the side of my earthwatts-500watt PSU, says a max of 17amps per
    12volt-rail,, and my 8800GTS card calls for a power supply with
    at-least a 26amp power-feed [thats what it says on the Box, it
    and yet,,I have read all-over the web, of PSU's of the 500watt-Quality-variety, Easily powering my card,,

    I must be missing, or misunderstanding something??,,what gives??
    any clarification would be greatly appreciated!!

    John. [zargon48]

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    Default Re: question about amps off a 12v-rail.

    of course ur psu can...y does it have multiple +12V rails???

    cause each rail powers different parts of the system, e.g R1 powers the CPU, 2nd and 3rd power the extra auxillary PCI-e power connectors.

    so as long as u dont exceed the maximum load on the 12V rail (in W) then ull b fine. 8800GTS CANNOT even pull over 300W of power!!!

    If u use the formula power = voltage * current..ur current is 17A and voltage is +12V
    so (17*12) x (number of 12V rails u have) = MAX power on 12V.
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