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Thread: Computer fan controllers

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    Exclamation Computer fan controllers

    Are computer case fan controllers a fire hazard? I recently bought a Sunbeam RHK-EX-SV to quiet my 6x80mm cases fans down on my new build. my case originally came with 2 controllers but they stopped working. I usually leave my computer on 27/7. It seems like a rats nest of wires in my case and Iím worried one of the case fan connecters or wires might short. I know if anything directly on the power supply in my old system shorted the power supply would shut down until you reset it. but now with a fan controller and new power supply ( PC Power & Cooling S61EPS) Iím a bit nervous leaving it on 24/7 and having it running when Iím sleeping or no oneís home. It seems like quite a rats next in there even after trying to get the cables organized with come tape. one of the fan wires were already white in one spot where it had gotten pinched once. So what would happen if one of the fans/fan wires/connectors shorted that is on the fan controller?
    I know my old power supply features (Short circuit / over voltage / over current protection) and was 2 12v rails. I had shorted the connecters a few times before in the case and it powers right down. But now Iím using a 1 rail 12v rail and the pus specs donít say anything about any overvoltage or over current protection. With that and the addition of the fan controller is there a chance it would catch fire if one of the long fan wires shorted?

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    Silencer 610 EPS12V Power Supply - PC Power & Cooling 610w PSU

    Click on the Tech Specs tab and it shows that it does have the protections you are concerned about... but it does not appear to have the current ATX certification, only the EPS certs. Given it looks as if you are running an ATX system, I don't see why you chose this power supply. The current ATX standard requires a multiple 12v rail and is generally more reliable in the long run (among other things). But what the hell, you have a 5 year warranty.
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