Ok, this one has me thinking. A friend of mine has a Acer Aspire 5920G Laptop. Its an ok Spec machine, its just to bad that its got ACER on it. Id firstly like to say ACER are the biggest piece of crap computers Ive ever seen in my life. I dont even know why I bother because the HDD will probably fail tommorrow anyway. lol. So basically, non of the network connections I.E Ethernet card, Wireless because in device manager they have all failed to start CODE 10.
What ive tried.
1) Uninstall Norton
2) Reinstalled All Drivers, Network, Wireless, Chipset, You name it.
3) Tried to Install Vista Service Pack 1 redistributable which got to the 2nd restart doing 3 of 3 and then decided to not do it and "roll back" Did give some bull**** reason but I cant remember it.
4)system restore. hu, for some unknown crap ACER reason the Earliest Restore was when I went to install SP1, what a joke.
5) Using MSCONFIG disabled everything that had the word ACER and Synamtic
6)VIRUS SCAN with AVG and so far so good. I dont think that it.

It just will not connect via any form of networking.

Oh Yeah Its Bindows Vista