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Thread: Disconnecting SATA cables

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    Cool Disconnecting SATA cables

    I believe I am getting too old and a bit simple so please will someone provide an answer to a problem for which I can find no solution anywhere.

    Whenever I plug a SATA cable into a SATA connector on the motherboard or on the hard drive, there is a click caused by a tooth-like projection on the cable end engaging with a small hole in the socket into which it is pressed. So far so good, but...

    What does one have to do to disconnect the cable? I find that I can only achieve this by using a degree of force, usually resulting in something breaking off or, worse still, the connector coming away from the motherboard and having to be very carefully refitted. There must be an
    official way of doing it.


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    Default Re: Disconnecting SATA cables

    All of mine have a little "button" on the top you have to depress. Mine don't work very well either. I have broken 2 in my last 2 builds. Get the non-locking ones and it should be easier for you. I like the locking ones but they are a pain in the butt.

    If they are NOT locking just have to be very careful. I have broken those too.

    Just be glad it's not a "molex" type connector. The worst idea ever invented in my opinion.
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    Default Re: Disconnecting SATA cables

    It's some time since I did my previous build, so had I failed to notice that the design of the SATA connector has been changed for the better. On reflection, I cannot believe that anybody would devise such an awkward mechanism; probably it was a committee.
    An involved search through the web led me to discover the new version; the word 'latching' seemed to be the key.
    I found a good colorful explanation at .

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    Default Re: Disconnecting SATA cables

    So you have the cable type with a metal piece that locks in place? Well to safely remove the cable you have to place your thumb over the metal piece while your index finger holds the underside of the SATA cable. Then you pinch your thumb and finger together and then you pull the cable out.

    I just don't see how SATA cables are hard to manage with. Though I can agree with the Molex cables because they are all made differently and not to mention that Molex cables rely on the friction to stay in place.

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