This time we will bring you the ASUS UL20A CULV Notebook with our lovely girl Monica, and also we will introduce some features on Windows 7. The upcoming Windows 7 operating system have lots of new functions never before, with the CULV notebook, you may have some interests on the topics, not only the compatibility, but also the 32-bit & 64-bit difference, now follow Monica and enjoy the ASUS UL20A CULV notebook. :)

Check the S/N and other info on the box first.

Our main show: ASUS UL20A

It's time to get the box open.

Take out the accessories pack.

Rich all the time, you can get lots of free parts.

Let me see how many things I can get.

Tiny adapter, match with the light UL20A.

Handy mouse from Logitech OEM.

User manual and quick guide.

You may need this to clean the LCD...

Now we can see the ASUS UL20A.

Slow and gentle....

Tear open the protector.

Of course the logo did.

This time the ASUS UL series have some features you can not miss:

1) Intel Core 2 Duo inside.
2) Less than 1", light and elegant.
3) Advanced Power Management.

You may have longer than 8 hours using time.

Remove the sticker on the battery.

Install the battery.

Of course you have to be slow...

Now charge the battery with adapter.

Combine the cables.

Charge now, it is very easy.

On you can turn on the UL20A.

Very light and easy to carry.

Fashion design and looks wonderful.

The light you can feel, just like the feathers

Yes, it is!

Now we can talk about the Windows 7 with UL20A

Before the Windows 7 ship out, we all know that the Windows 7 have some differences between the 32-bit and 64-bit version, actually the bit is not a problem, the only thing you have to notice is, the notebook now sold will come with the Windows 7, you just need to take care the drivers and support, so if you plan to buy a new notebook now, just check the offical website and see the driver update details. The faster the driver updated, the better you choose.

The table of the released Windows 7 verions, easy to understand, not like the Vista.

For the 32-bit and 64-bit operating system, the difference are the driver and program compatibility. Most of the manufacturers will release the 32-bit and 64-bit drivers for the hardware. Of course, the famous software will go advanced on that, they will have good compatibility on 32-bit and 64-bit system, like the Office and Adobe suites.

Adobe support 64-bit operating system.

If you mee the installation problem, how can we figure it out? Actually you can use the compatible mode for the old program. Windows 7 provide the Vista and XP SP3 compatible mode for open the program, you may just need to right-click the icon, then the problem will be solved. And with the driver database in the Windows 7, you can easily install the old webcam, printer, scanner in a short time, even Windows 7 will check the drivers online, it is really smart for the people who not fimiliar with the hardware setting.

Compatible mode, solve the old program problems.

And for the users, the Windows 7 also provide 32-bit and 64-bit DVD in the package, you can choose the system you like. :)

You can put lots of thing into the pack.

Just put the mouse...adapter in one time.

Now it's time to the office, good day !!

Hope you enjoy the ASUS UL20A with the Windows 7 features, and we will have different topics later...