Good day.

Rig stats.

this rig is probly over 10 years old off the top of my head. and always has treated me great. it was a bang for buck system back in the day and its ran strong till now.. Lately things are freezing and slowing down.

XP Sp2
amd athlonxp 1900x
mb msi Kt3 ultra
Thermaltake 7cu heat sink. on my second cpu fan its only about 2 yrs old
via kt333 chipset
NVIDIA geforce 6600gt agp 2 yrs old
HD 1 5+yr old IBM Desktar 40gb lower rpm basic
HD 2 3+yr old WD 60gb system - disk its higher rpm and dont know of the top of my head
HD 3 2yr old SATA 250gb HD controlled via a sata raid controller pci
ram. Corsair XMS dual 1gb ram sticks 3 yrs old (this ram is over powered for my stystem its like pc 3200 ram
then i got a crucial value select stick of ram 1gb about 1 year old that is pc2700

just to let you know I have 2 pci slots that are dead. Ive gone through 2 sound blaster audio sound cards... and now Im on a generic cmedia sound card.

IM wondering if my motherboard is getting worn out.. Everything just does not run as good any more. windows locks up a lot no matter how much tweaking i do.. I turn off all services and paging file and things still feel slow.

Games run at about 50% what they used to....

Im wondering if the hard drives are a cuplrit.

Would would you guys recomend on this.. should I upgrade this pc... or build a new one?

Or is it cheaper these days to just buy a dell?

I know this is a newbie question but i have been out of the hardware game for a while..

right now what is the best value.. bang for buck kind of chipset processor video card combo? im thinking amd dual core instead of quad?

these days performence has hit a roof... so I just want something basic with a bad ass vidoe card

or should i stick with this old rig?