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Thread: PC Won't Boot After PSU Replaced

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    Angry PC Won't Boot After PSU Replaced

    I just replaced my undersized 300W PSU with a XION 630W PSU.

    I noticed immediately that the new unit had many cables that I would not need, but I quickly realized that it didn't have enough of the cables I did need.

    My old PSU had 4 SATA connectors and this one has 2 SATA connectors.

    Based on the harware within my pc, I need 3. With my old PSU I had one SATA connected to my DVD drive, one connected to my DVD RW drive and one connected to my hard drive.

    I connected the 2 SATA connectors on the new PSU to the 2 optical drives and was left with a 4 hole molex clip for the hard drive. Although it looked like a perfect fit, it was like putting the square peg in the round chance.

    When I turned on the computer, the unit powered on, all the fans worked, both optical drives worked, the monitor worked, but I received the following error:

    SATA 0 installed
    SATA 1 None
    SATA 2 None
    SATA 3 None
    No boot disk detected.

    I went back inside the pc and took one of the SATA cables off of an optical drive and connected it to the hard drive. I figured the pc would boot, but I wouldn't have use of that one optical drive. As it turns out, the error message was almost identical, except I believe it said that SATA 1 was installed and all the others weren't.

    A friend told me that all I need to do is buy an adatper so I have another SATA for the hard drive. He wasn't sure if I want to convert one of the large 4 hole peripheral connectors to a SATA or the 4 hole Molex to an SATA, but he figured that was my fix.

    If somebody can please let me know what I need it would be greatly appreciated. I am a little skeptical that the adapter will do the trick, since taking one of the SATA connectors off an optical drive and connecting to the hard drive, did not allow me to boot the computer.

    Please advise

    Thank You,

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    Default Re: PC Won't Boot After PSU Replaced

    You should have 2 wires plugged in the hard drive. 1 Power Adapter/1 Data Cable. Double check the Data Cable. Plug the HDD Data cable into SATA2_0 on the motherboard.
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    Default Re: PC Won't Boot After PSU Replaced

    If your hard drive has pins to plug in a 4 pin molex connector and it didn't fit.... flip it around. It's made to go in only 1 way. ........ and only have 1 power connector to it....IE: sata&molex....major nono.
    They do give descriptions of what the power supplies consist of..... watts/amps/connectors.......etc. Sounds like you shopped price vs versatility.

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    Default Re: PC Won't Boot After PSU Replaced

    Data cables were never touched and not the issue.

    I did go back and check the motherboard end of the hard drive datas cable and all looks fine.

    I guess my knowledge of PS unit features was a bit lacking. I was primarily focused on Watts, Amps on the 12volt rail/s and reviews from users who purchased this unit. All seemed very good, price appeared to be a bonus not a compromise.

    Having said that, the problem still remains and nobody actually addressed my question...will an adapter allow me to convert an extra connector to a SATA plug, so I can plug it into the SATA interface on the hard drive and will that allow the computer to boot?

    Thanks Guys!!!

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    Default Re: PC Won't Boot After PSU Replaced

    Yes, you can get a molex to SATA cables.

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