I was playing Batman Arkham Asylum for about 2 hours. Then a friend called me on Skype, so I minimized the game and answered his call. Suddenly after, I got the blue screen of dead and my computer restarted itself. I was annoyed by that because I was in the middle of an important mission...Then, I wondered that the VRMs on the video card were overheating. I have a Radeon HD 4850 512MB, but they didn't add any VRM and RAM sensors on this one (only on the 4870). Recently, I bought an Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo fan for my card. But I read online that it doesn't cool the VRMs and RAMs as good as the stock cooler. Catalyst Control Center shows me 46 degrees Celsius while playing (not bad) but it does not verify my VRM temps. What should I do? NOTE: The Blue Screen occurred AFTER i minimized the game. It already happened once when I tried to open a program.