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Thread: Drive Placement Qs. Plus G-SATA Vs. SATA?

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    Default Drive Placement Qs. Plus G-SATA Vs. SATA?

    Hi, I'm not sure where to post this so I'll just default to this sub-forum. I recently went ahead and decided to build my first comp, using TweakTown's sub-lieutenant guide, with a few minor mods. Everything works fine and it really runs like a champ. However I had a few cosmetic questions/ issues.

    BTW I'm using the Antec 200 ATX tower: Antec Two Hundred Mid Tower Chassis Introduction :: TweakTown USA Edition

    1. I installed a seagate barracuda 1tb SATA drive. The way I installed it was a bit weird though. On the bottom half of the tower is where hard drives go (I assumed). However instead of installing it on the floor of the tower, I installed the drive in mid-air. I screwed it in with two screws at first (being lazy and all) and noticed when I booted it would make a loud rumbling noise. So I decided to finish the job correctly and screwed in all four screws. The rumbling noise went away. So I want to say it's safe to assume that leaving it screwed in mid-air won't cause any problems to the drive? Or would it be better to unscrew everything and re-screw it onto the floor of the tower? Will it cause any damage to to drive if it's left where its at?

    BTW I'm using this motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-890GPA-UD3H (AMD 890GX) Motherboard Introduction :: TweakTown USA Edition

    2. I installed a Plextor DVD-RW+ 24x drive into the uppermost drive bay. Everything works fine. However when I was plugging the SATA cord into the motherboard (There are 8 SATA slots on this MoBo I believe. 6 are regular SATA, 2 are G-SATA), I plugged it into the G-SATA slot. Now I'm not exactly sure what G-SATA means, but whenever I'm in windows there is always that USB removal icon in the bottom right hand corner of the display, next to the clock. Every time I hover my mouse over the USB icon it lists the Plextor DVD drive as removable. This is confusing to me. Is this happening because I plugged the SATA cord into the G-SATA slot? And also if someone would be so kind as to answer, what the hell is the difference between G-SATA and SATA?

    Thanks in advance to everyone! If you need any more info from me or you guys need me to re-iterate something. Let me know.

    EDIT: I boo-booed. I think there are actually 10 SATA slots. 6 regular and 4 G-SATA.
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