I'm tearing my hair out on this one, what should be easy is a nightmare.

I've got to my HDD easily, 2 screw job.

I have one other panel which I presume is the memory panel. Problem is this:

It has 1 screw at one end, and a little indented cube at the other, but as far as I can see the indentation does nothing. I unscrew the 1 screw and it has defo got another screw or something somewhere, if this panel is not an after thought and is not actually meant to come off!

It's a new Viewsonic VBN 130, I'm trying to upgrade to 4GB.

Nothing in the manual which actually describes where the memory bay is, it does say it's upgradable to 4GB though.

Viewsonic are slower then slow and I'm losing hope in them getting back to me, so I'm hoping someone on here can help me. This sort of design may have been used before on a different laptop maybe it's a long shot but I hope someone helps!