Fellow Tweakers, I have a question that I am unable to get a good answer on. I have been on WIKI and just about every other site , page, blog and without paying some engineer on a pay site, I am trying to find out what the main differences are between QPI and HT. I am not asking which is better because what I have read and researched in the past 3 days that is a question with a million answers. I just would like to know some real world differences between the 2 forms of point to point processor interconnection. I have read many time that QPI is different in the way it transfers info back and forth. HOW IS THAT. I have heard that HT is FASTER but really slower because of the bottleneck and lower latencies with nearly identical band widths. Does anyone know the answer so a 5th grader in 1977 could understand. Now i am not completely computer illiterate. I have learned more in the last year about them than in the previous 44yrs.

Thanks for the insight.