Let me start off with saying I am a bit of a newbie as I am terribly out of date. The last time I built my own computer was a little over 10 years ago :/

Now, I am looking for a case to fit the bill of what I am wanting/hoping. I am hoping to get a quiet case, or at least as quiet as possible as this will be a gaming system, but it will also second as a media server so I don't want to hear a jet engine when I am trying to be a good boyfiend and watching some drama with the lady~
I am a big fan of having a side mounted fan to try and help the GPU be as cool as possible.

I have looked at the;
- Antec P280 or P193 V3
- Fractal Design Define R4
- Corsair Obsidian 550D
- Lian Li PC-A70F
- CoolerMaster 690 II Advanced (I know not the most silent)
- NZXT Source 220
- and Thermaltake I honestly have no idea about.

I am going to be building it with an Asus Crosshair V mobo and AMD chipset, but both may change as I do plan on starting the build in a couple months. I also really want to put a closed circuit CPU water cooling system like the H100i or possibly the Silver Arrow Extreme(or something very similar) as I do plan on over clocking.

Thanks to all in advance~