Bought a wireless logitech mouse and keyboard, the M570 and K350.

when plugging in the reciever windows notices it and shows a mouse and pointer device in task managers but the mouse and keyboard dont work

Logitech unifying software cant detect a receiver plugged in.

I have tried usb3.0 and various 2.0 as Logitech have advised there are issues with usb 3.0 none of these work. I have tried directly plugging in the receiver and also using the extension cable provided to have receiver a little further from the pc but still doesnt work.

Tried the receiver in my parents very old vista machine and receiver shows and both keyboard and mouse work

I have tried the downloaded version of the unifying software as well as the cd that came with the keyboard, logitech are unable to suggest any more solutions.

I have also tried to search device manager for hidden versions of logitech receiver to remove and retry but cant see any

Anyone know what I can try next