I downloaded the instant flash program for the A785GM-LE motherboard to a formatted thumbdrive (F32), it comes a zip file, so I expanded it. Put it in the computer with the new mobo, hit F2, scrolled over to BIOS Flash Update and I get the message "no BIOS update" on the thumb drive. It is there, but it isn't reading it or something.

I got his old computer with a bad mobo, (HP), I replaced the mobo, reinstalled the CPU and I have tried everything I could find to get it working. The computer has VISTA installed, but I don't have any info on it, so I purchased a OEM Win 7 disk that I was going to install. Doesn't open. I purchased a universal tech disk that is supposed to boot up. It doesn't. I don't own a boat, so I don't need an anchor so I am stuck trying to figure this out.

I am guessing it is the BIOS since the motherboard has changed, but don't know where to go anymore. Any help would be most appreciated.