was looking to upgrade to a better psu, checked here and there saw prices, talked to some computer pro's, read from Gurus on psu's
i'm coming from a 1220watt KingWin, which I felt was getting old after 5 years of overclocking and adding LED lights and of fans, I started smelling a capacitor smell or electronic from the psu.....I took off some LED lights these are 20 led's on 1 stick I had 3 sticks 12 rail........so went back to normal.
then started looking.....for 21 century psu's.......
luckily, I found EVGA Platinum 1600 watts was the new Kid on the block, I got it.......Excellent....EVGA has 24/7 tech support once you register
I called then 3 time times for some quick questions already and the wait time was 30 to 45 seconds....one thing for sure you have to use a flathead medium screwdriver the flat part to SEAT the connectors on the power supply on all 4 corners as you connect the cords to the PSU unit, you will here it CLICK in seating correctly
so far so good, I know its big bucks, but there are guys like me out there who want good stuff you have to pay for it
from newegg

thank you "TT", EVGA, Newegg you get 101% from me Eric