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Thread: OCZ Modular 24 pin motherboard cable

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    Question OCZ Modular 24 pin motherboard cable

    Hi., I have been having trouble with my 24 pin modular motherboard cable. it is on an OCZ 850 zx power supply. It never seemed to fit tight. After a month or 2 my computer would act up / freeze up / seem like it was breaking down. I happened to move check the 24 pin cable and computer would come on and be fine for awhile. Today I took the cable off to look at it. Would not lock in to MB. I decided to cut away the the covering at the motherboard end of the cable. Once off I cut back about 6 inches. Turns out it is a 20+4 pin connector. OK. I found the tab was catching under the 4 pin part, not allowing it to seat all the way. I had to make sure it was over the 4 pin connector. Seems to seat good now. My real question comes now. There are 4 capacitors or resistors wired into the 24 pin connector. Not just into the same pin either. Does anyone have any idea why this is done and the purpose of it? Are they capacitors or resistors? Everything I have seen before was just straight wiring on connectors. Thanks for any help.

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    Default Re: OCZ Modular 24 pin motherboard cable

    Without seeing the parts it is impossible to be 100% certain what they are. But given the pictures of that cable I could find, it looks like at least some of them are capacitors.

    Are all the leads/wires on the parts coming out of one end or side only? If so they are most likely capacitors.

    They might be there to filter out electrical noise, a common use of small capacitors. Their purpose may also depend on what wires they are connected to. If one of the power wires, they are filters, if one of the control wires, who knows.

    Sometimes parts are added on like that to fix issues found late in production or testing. They may also be used for filtering out noise that other hardware can create and adds to the ground wire, and back to the PSU.

    Other power supplies might also use capacitors like that, but have them mounted inside the PSU itself. So we are not aware of them.

    EDIT: Just found a forum thread where a guy tried to move the four capacitors from the cable to inside the PSU. Seems to have messed that up in the process. Why do these non-engineers think they know better?

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